We are continually creating innovative child development initiatives that strengthen Wellington families, not offering trendy, selective babysitting services. Our vision is to turn child care into a community centric, child social education and development culture that integrates harmoniously with our families and schooling systems. In fact we believe it is safe to say we are the Best at what we do. At Pride Lands we will never stop striving to lead the way, remaining the best.

Our new External Education Programmes (Kiwi Quest) is external activities that will offer children of Pride Lands the opportunity to participate in a unique, adventure packed experience in some of the most inspiring activities offered by our great city, Wellington. This venture aims to be fun, educational and exciting for our Junior Cubs and Lion Cubs. It is designed to provide 5 -14 year old children an opportunity to enhance their social education, make new friends from other Pride Lands programmes, nurture positive behaviour, develop self confidence, learn patience through team work, become active and develop a sense of responsibility and discipline.

The idea of the Kiwi Quest programme is to shuttle all the 5-14 year old Junior and Lion Cubs’ to a specific organised external activity once every week that are sometimes taught by qualified people in their profession. Parents will be informed a month prior to the activities so that they have a lot of time to register their cubs. The Kiwi Quest programme includes coaching fees, transport and a healthy fruit salad, freshly squeezed fruit juice or smoothie at the end of the session.

Every School Holidays; Depart: 10am Sharp and Arrive: 3pm latest. Typical Kiwi Quest Activities include:
Aerobics, Squash, Badminton, Karate, Rock Climbing, Dance, Music Lessons, Roller Skating, Pottery and more...