Q. When do I enrol my cub(s) for after school care and how?
A. Please enrol your cub(s) before the start of after school care. You can enrol online on the Pride Lands website. We also have enrolment forms at the Pride Lands office and at each of the Pride Lands programmes.

Q. Is my enrolment valid until the following year?
A. No. New enrolments have to be filled out every year for safety reasons and it’s a requirement of Child Youth and Family Services that cubs are re-enrolled.

Q. When do we call to let you know our cub(s) will not be attending on the day they are enrolled?
A. Please call the number of the Pride Lands programme your cub(s) attend by 12.00 noon on the day your cub will not be attending and leave a message, otherwise full standard fees will still apply.

Q. Does Pride Lands provide sunscreen?
A. Yes. However, parents must let us know if their cub(s) is allergic to sunscreen in which case we will not apply it and encourage the cub(s) to cover up or use their own.

Q. When do we pay after school care fees?
A. Wait until you are invoiced by Pride Lands and then you can make payments.

Q. How do we make payments?
A. Payments can be made by direct debit into the Pride Lands bank account provided at the bottom of your invoice. Payments can also be made at the Pride Lands office by cash or cheque. Cheques can also be sent to the Pride Lands post box address found in the contact section of our website.

Q. What do we use as reference when making direct debit payments?
A. The full or last name of the cub(s) must be used as reference when making direct debit payments.

Q. What do I do if I am eligible for WINZ subsidy?
A. Go to the Pride Lands office or a WINZ office and fill in a WINZ form which must be signed by the Manager/Director at the Pride Lands office. NB: Visit the Subsidies page on the Pride Lands website and you will find easy steps to follow when applying for WINZ subsidies.

Q. Can I still apply for subsidies from WINZ even though my cub(s) do not go to any of the approved Pride Lands programmes?
A. No. Your cub(s) must go to the programme that is approved by WINZ before you can apply for subsidies.

Q. Which of the Pride Lands programmes are OSCAR, CYFS and WINZ approved?
A. Please contact the Pride Lands Office to check if your chosen programme is approved.

Q. Why is structure important?
A. It provides security for the cubs and an organised environment.

Q. What is your staff to cubs ratio?
A. 1 staff:10 cubs inside the club, 1 staff:8 cubs outside in the play area and 1 staff:6 cubs at the pools or during trips.

Q. Can my cub(s) attend any of the Pride Lands programmes (After School Care and Holiday Programme) if they attend a school that Pride Lands does not operate in?
A. Yes they can. We provide child care for the wider community.

Q. Can parents receive a summary statement at the end of the year?
A. Yes. This will incur a $30 administration fee.

Q. If my cub(s) have extra curricular activities such as netball in the middle of after school care, are they able to go to it and return to Pride Lands later on?
A. Yes. We have a sign out and sign in sheet for cubs.

Q. Can my cub(s) go home by themselves?
A. Yes they can. Written permission from the parents/caregivers will be required.

Q. Are the cubs allowed to bring valuables such as iPods, cell phones etc. to the programme?
A. We recommend they don’t as Pride Lands will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of these items in any form.

Q. Does Pride Lands take cub(s) with mental/physical disabilities?
A. Yes. Before the cub(s) is enrolled, more details about the disability must be provided for the Pride Lands director to assess the cub(s) safety, including that of the other cub(s) in the programme.