Adopt a refugee family to help them integrate better in Wellington - NZ.

After recent reflection, we at Pride Lands have realised there is another matter in our society that needs addressing apart from childcare and youth. This is supporting migrant integration and this affects both migrants and refugees across the country.

In order to support refugees and their families to integrate successfully in the New Zealand community and hopefully contribute to it, Pride Lands Childcare is offering 50% off our childcare services to new refugee families for a period of two years.

Such support will give these families the opportunity to focus on suitable jobs to support their families and by doing this minimise the chances of them requiring government support.

To make the service FREE, we ask Individuals & businesses like you to contribute the other 50% so that the children of refugees can enjoy the same good quality childcare service as other New Zealand children.

Pride Lands Childcare will communicate with refugee services across Wellington and compile the profiles of families that are in great need of childcare. If you wish to match our 50% sponsorship support to refugees, please write to us at or call us at 0800 PRIDE 4 U.

This refugee information will only be made available to potential sponsors via e-mail that have expressed interest to support refugees and once they have chosen their family of choice to adopt, we hope to publish this information both in our spider-web newsletter and in the local papers of Wellington.

The Pride Initiative is an idea, an opportunity, and the chance for us to fight the issues facing refugees and their families. This initiative is all about bringing together a group of people (YOU!) to work together, to become something more than just community members, to become a beacon of hope for refugees.

In New Zealand we 'Pride' ourselves as being a welcoming and kind nation to the rest of the world, I believe by Pride Lands childcare and YOU offering such a support to anyone that can prove they have refugee status, it will make a great difference to us as a community and set a great precedent to the rest of the world.

Your support through the Pride Initiative can transform the lives of young refugees and give them a good start in New Zealand.

Benefits to Sponsors (Individual or Businesses)

  • A Thank You basket for becoming a Humanitarian
  • A ‘PRIDE’ Certificate and Trophy for being a Champion
  • Doing something unique that shows courage and empathy
  • Receive termly spider-web newsletter
  • Meet your adopted refugee family face-to-face and exchange contact (Optional)
  • We will place your profile beside your adopted family on the website to acknowledge your support to the people of New Zealand and the world (if you approve of it).


Refugee Family Profile:
Please mail or e-mail a family photo and Copy of Refugee Status with form if possible

Childcare Service Needed (Please write number of weeks you need theservice for)

Before School Care (7-9am)

After School Care (3-6pm)

Holiday Programme (7am-7pm)

Pride Escape (5 Days Adventure Team Building Programme for youth)


Which family do you wish to adopt?

Individual/Organisation Name:

Direct number:



Childcare service you wish to sponsor for how many weeks:

Before School Care (7-9am)

After School Care (3-6pm)

Holiday Programme (7am-7pm)

Pride Escape (5 Days Adventure Team Building Programme for youth)

Please send cheques to Pride Lands Childcare, P. 0. Box 19256, Courtenay Place, Wellington 6149. OR
Deposit sponsorship funds into:
Pride Lands Ltd, Kiwi Bank, 38-9005-0748940-01

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